One of many Australian Labradoodle puppies for sale in NY

Australian Labradoodles in NY

Australian Labradoodles in NY

Helping You Bring Your New Family Member Home...

Our Australian Labradoodle breeding program is growing! We welcomed 2023 with a new litter and expect at least one more litter this year.
We have puppies available to go home in late March through early April. Submit your puppy application today to get on the list!

Can’t wait that long? We are connected with many breeders throughout the country so if your plans are to purchase immediately, please get in touch. We are happy to guide you in the right direction for a quality, healthy new family member.

Meet the parents

Litter Announcement

AbbyHeroShot 2

Blue Star’s Earth Angel, AKA, “Abby”

Our Abby is a wonderful little creature! She is playful and loves to spend time cuddling with us daily. She’s soft, sweet and has the most loving “Therapy Dog” temperament. She is 25 pounds of pure love and joy. She sports a wavy fleece coat of chocolate and white parti. Her favorite game is fetch, which she is quite good at and she loves, loves, loves to go anywhere in the car with us!

Her Puppies always seem to inherit her wonderful temperament and we are so very proud of her being such an incredible Mama. She continues to check in on her puppies long after they are weaned, which helps tremendously with avoiding any separation anxiety once the little dumplings have been placed in their new homes with their families or pet parents.

Meet Abby’s Handsome Sire, Australian Haritage Tennessee Whiskey, AKA “Whiskey”

Michele Giardino and her South Florida Labradoodles has allowed us to breed our Abby to this very handsome Sire, and we are so grateful! Whiskey is stunning! He passes along his markings in all of his litters. He is a sweet and loving boy with a wonderful, lightly wavy to straight fleece coat. His OFA scores are all “Good“ or “Normal” and he is “Clear” for all breed specific diseases via DNA testing through Paw Print Genetics. He is 15 inches tall at the shoulders and weighs 25 pounds. We are so pleased with how this litter has turned out! He sires gorgeous puppies!

ALAA #102776


Abby & Whiskey’s litter are now 4 months old. We have just 2 gorgeous chocolate and white parti puppies left available….Both are the sweetest little girls. Their adult weight should be 22-26 pounds. They are crate trained and sleeping through the night in their individual crates.  They are up to date on vaccinations and are receiving basic obedience training.  They have been evaluated for temperament and structure and are all of breeding quality.

These sweet, healthy puppies, with Therapy Dog temperaments, are like sponges eager to soak up every bit of knowledge they can as they prepare to devote themselves to their new families.  They are ready to love you to bits!  

If you have missed the opportunity to have one of our sweet, loving puppies, now is your chance! You may submit your puppy application on the “Puppy Application” link at the top of the page, or give us a call with questions about this litter.
Enjoy the cuteness!


Dam Ivy

Our Ivy is such a great Breeding Girl! She brings us such sweet and beautiful puppies! I’m sure this will be the case once again with this most recent mating.

We believe they will all carry her gentle temperament. Ivy is the sweetest girl! She is a medium-sized (28 pounds) caramel and white colored parti girl with a curly to wavy fleece coat. Her temperament is gentle and she learns very quickly. Ivy is a very affectionate and loyal young lady who loves to snuggle. She loves to take hikes and walks with our family, which includes our fur pack of 7 Labradoodles. Fetch is her favorite form of play but she is very sporty and shows a competitive streak when all the doodles are playing together.

We are "over the moon" about this girl, and she has proven to be a loving, attentive mama to her puppies. Ivy's evaluation by Pat Hastings, a renowned dog judge and author of several books under her company, Dog Folk Enterprises, graded Ivy at 18 1/2 to 19, one of the highest scores attainable for structure and temperament.

ALAA Registration #090311

Blue Star’s His Fame’s Dakota Redd, AKA “Redd”

Blue Star Labradoodles owned by Carol Stover in Spokane, WA area has granted us permission to use her Redd as the perfect stud for our Ivy.

Redd is a stunning Multi-Generation Australian Labradoodle. He’s 28-30 lbs. and has a soft wavy fleece coat with the deepest, richest RED color. People constantly say that they have never seen a dog with his deep red color. His gorgeous looks are equal to his sweet, loving, joyful “therapy dog” nature. He loves everyone and all doggies included.

His Guardians describe Redd as a gentle, calm, lovable boy that knows just when each of them needs cuddling. He is so intuitive! He loves to be with his family, learns quickly and desires to please. He also loves to play outside and run with the kids, prances proudly when walking in the neighborhood and is happy to be friends with everyone. He is a gentle soul!



Available Puppies

Reasons for Purchase

Considering a puppy?

Australian Labradoodles are one of the most sought after breeds available…..Why?

They make the perfect companion.  Being allergy friendly, low to non-shedding and extremely smart, they provide more of a human-like companionship to their masters.  They are soft and fluffy, with curly to wavy fleece coats.  They are cuddly, loving, joyful and easy to train.

What makes a “Far Beyond Dogs” Australian Labradoodle the perfect choice?

At Far Beyond Dogs, we strive to provide the “best of breed” quality and keep our litter production low with careful thought as to how much time we need to contribute to each precious puppy.
Our puppies all have therapy dog temperaments, displaying focus and eye contact with humans from the point their eyes open. We apply neural stimulation from birth to give them a good start with human touch that lasts a lifetime.
We have our puppies evaluated for temperament and structure, to match each of them with you, or your family’s lifestyle. The parents of our litters have been evaluated by Pat Hastings of Dog Folk Enterprises, a world renown author, competitive dog judge and expert in canine behavior. Sire and Dam have received top scores for temperament and structure.
Puppies' parents have been health tested, DNA tested and OFA tested with great scores for hips, elbows, eyes, cardiac and disease.
Our puppies are reared to easily adapt to their forever homes. They will be handled and worked with for several hours a day from birth to the day they go home.
We spend time socializing these puppies to young children, adults outside the home and other dogs within our home as soon as they have had their first set of puppy shots.
We begin the process of crate training from 4 ½ weeks of age and begin potty training at 5 weeks.
A Far Beyond Dogs Australian Labradoodle is fully crate trained and sleeping through the night (8 hours) by the time they join your family.
They will understand basic commands before they leave our home.
We provide you with resources and advice to insure that you are able to successfully integrate your new family member.
Far Beyond Dogs provides a 2-year health guarantee.
Lastly…..Unlike the practice of most breeders, your reservation deposit is fully refundable for any puppy younger than 12 weeks of age, FOR ANY REASON, if your circumstances should change before you pick up your puppy. IF you are reserving a puppy older than 12 weeks of age the deposit is non-refundable.

It is for these reasons that “Far Beyond Dogs” should be your choice for your new addition to your family!

Don’t wait!  Submit your Puppy Application today to be placed on the reservation list!

Cuteness Overload

A beautiful dog with black curly fur on a green field

Cooper at 9 Weeks

He doesn't look quite sure of himself yet, but he is at the height of confidence now!

A Brown Color Fur Dog Close Up Image

CoCo at 8 weeks

We almost ended up with her brother instead of our dear CoCo. Some ladies had taken the wrong pup on gotcha day, but all was well in the end. She's such a character!

A White Color Fur Dog on a Red Blanket

Cayce at 9 weeks

Cayce has always been comfortable in her coat. She has become such a cherished member of our family. She is a girl with purpose!

A White Color Fur Dog With a Yellow Leash One

Ivy at 8 weeks

A very confident young lady from the very beginning and is growing into one of the smartest, sweetest, loving pups we've ever seen!

A White and Brown Fur Dog in a Pink Leash One

Abby at 8 weeks

Such a lovebug! Very intelligent with therapy dog temperament. She will make a wonderful Mama!