Passionate and Ethical Breeders of Australian Labradoodles


David and Rhoni Rasmussen, Owners of Far Beyond Dogs

Having an adventurous, well-traveled, fun-loving, and sometimes complicated life, we made the choice in 2016 to change our course and sell our business in Napa Valley California, and trade that lifestyle for something quieter. That process took 2 years but here we are! We have made the move to something completely different in Upstate New York. As a semi-retired couple, having been in real estate early on and then hospitality for over two decades, we now have the time and keenness for helping others to get to know the companionship that a Labradoodle can bring to your life.

Our passion for Labradoodles began 9 years ago with our first doodle, Cooper. At 8 weeks old, it was love at first lick, and we have never looked back. Cooper is still with us, along with CoCo, Cayce, Ivy, and Abby, so we now have a total of 5 wonderful companions to play with, cuddle, and love.

We Love This Breed!

The Australian Labradoodle meets, quite frankly, every expectation of the perfect furry companion, in our humble opinion. They are no/low shedding and hypoallergenic. They continue to look cute and puppy-like, even as adults. We love how their natural happiness pours from them when they're around people. Their love and need for exercise, as well as their way of expressing that need, can easily make us laugh and pull us from any menial task inside, to the outdoors. We love their intelligence. They are crazy smart! They just have these ways about them. It's a win-win for all!

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