Ask Us About Becoming A Guardian Home for Far Beyond Dogs

At Far Beyond Dogs, we carefully select top breeding-quality puppies to be part of our breeding program and are always looking for wonderful, responsible, dog-loving families to be a Guardian Family for these precious puppies. Our protocol is for each puppy to be evaluated at 8 weeks old. They must have sweet, loving temperaments, great structure and lovely soft fleece coats. Those puppies that have very high scores in evaluation are held as breeding dogs for our program.


What You Get as A Guardian Family

As a Guardian Family, you receive (for a greatly-reduced fee) one of our ”Breeder’s Pick” , fully-health-tested puppies to be a part of the Guardian Family’s home FOREVER while FBD retains breeding rights and ownership for a period of time depending on which puppy is selected. Those puppies who have been selected will live with their Guardian Families and are returned to us at FBD for health testing, breeding and whelping. Health testing and breeding may take just a few days or even hours, however, after whelping, our Ladies will remain with us and their litters for 8 weeks.

FBD pays for all Vet costs for the initial set of puppy immunizations, health testing, formal registration with the ALAA and other costs as it pertains to breeding. In turn the Guardian Family gets an outstanding, top of the line puppy to love and cherish for the lifetime of the dog. Once the Guardian Family has fulfilled their contract requirements and the Breeding Dog is retired, the Guardian Family is given registered ownership and is responsible for all of the veterinary and general care costs of owning a dog. We will also pay the retirement fee of the Breeding Dog for spay/neutering.

As a guardian you have the opportunity to join in the excitement of seeing your dog's puppies go on to make a difference in the lives they touch, whether they be loving family pets, therapy dogs, alert dogs or service dogs. Lots of possibilities!


Guardian Home Requirements….

  • As a Guardian, you must live within 1 hour of Saranac Lake, NY and willing to bring your guardian dog to us for testing, breeding and whelping

  • You must own your own home

  • You must have a. fully fenced and secure yard

  • You must have a flexible work schedule, work from home or be able to take your Guardian Dog to work with you. The guardian dog must not be left alone for more than 4 hours

  • The Guardian Dog’s food must be approved by FBD

  • Guardians are responsible for the training of the Guardian Dog and must provide proof of training, ex: Training Certificate to insure the puppy is properly trained and socialized

  • Agree to annual veterinary care and vaccinations outlined by FBD

  • All medications, including flea, tick and heart worm preventatives must be approved by FBD

  • All medical procedures must be approved by FBD

  • All Guardian Dogs must be regularly groomed (every 8-10 weeks) by an FDB approved groomer and brushed/combed on a regular basis between grooming. You are an ambassador or FBD!

  • FBD must be notified immediately when female dogs begin their heat cycle

  • Guardians must keep their females in heat away from any intact male dogs and secure at all times

  • Guardians must keep their male intact dogs away from all intact female dogs and secure at all times

  • Guardians must be willing to return their dog to FBD for health testing, breeding or whelping of puppies for the period of weaning, up to 8 weeks.

  • Must maintain an open line of communication with FBD regarding the Breeding Dog’s health, growth and condition at all times.